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Pilot Car High Pole

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 High Pole 621-Standard – $139.00

The same great High Pole but you may not need all the extras.

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  • High Pole by Wonder Pole® 59″ to 21′.
  • Fiberglass tip (Marked at 6″) .
  • Extra Flex-Master tip (Marked at 6″) .
  • Four Triton security clamps.
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High Pole 621Pro – $189.00

The High Pole Pro has everything you need at one great price.

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  • High Pole by Wonder Pole® 59″ to 24′.
  • Striker & Striker Rod.
  • Extra Striker rod.
  • Heavy duty nylon carry bag.
  • Four Triton security clamps.
  • Extra Sure Grip #1.
  • Extra Sure Grip #2.
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  • Over 25 years in production.
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High Pole by Wonder Pole Pilot Car High Pole
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100% guaranteeThe Pilot Car High Pole 621Pro comes with a money back guarantee.

Pilot Car High Pole 621Pro™ – In Stock – No Sales Tax – Buy Now!

Complete High Pole set includes:

  • Telescoping Storm Tough fiberglass Wonder Pole® 59″ to 21′.
  • Patent pending Striker.
  • One extra Striker rod included (Included free).
  • Heavy duty nylon carry bag (Included free).
  • Four stainless steel Triton security clamps (Included free).
  • Sure Grip #1 (Included free).
  • Sure Grip #2 (Included free).

High Pole 621Pro Alert YellowAlert Yellow™ / Diamond White™
Retail: $249.00 Sale Price: $189.00

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  • Built Tough, Made In The USA!, by Wonder Pole®
  • Not made off shore or of substandard fiberglass materials (Protecting American Workers).
  • Fiberglass high pole meets or exceeds DOT requirements for non-conductive, and super strong construction, non-frangible.
  • High Pole 621Pro meets ASTM E84 and 940. Our transitional collars are ergonomically designed and have no protruding handles to snag or break off.
Features High Pole 621Pro Others Description
Retracted Size 59″ 65″ Closed length of high pole.
Extended Size 24′ ? Fully opened.
Guarantee Yes ? Posted on site or in writing.
Ergonomically design Yes No No projections to snag objects.
Storage Yes No Carry case or storage device.
Production Standards Yes ? ISO / ISO-9001:2000 certified.
Open & close mechanism Yes Yes Method used to open and secure.
Fire rating Yes No Self Extinguishing
Made In The USA Yes ? Country or origin.
Assembled In The USA Yes ? Country where assembled.
Replacement parts Yes ? Replacement parts included.
  • Confidence:Wonder Poles are guaranteed.
  • Country of Origin: Made In The USA!
  • Quality: All Wonder Poles® are produced under strict quality programs, are focused on continuous improvement and are ISO-9001:2000 certified.
  • Capability: Wonder Poles® has been building quality fiberglass telescoping poles for 20 years!
  • Capacity: Because we are the manufacturer of Wonder Poles® we have the ability to expand quickly, provide continues improvements, insure you a quality product without supply interruptions commonly associated with other “resellers” off shore brands.
  • Standards: Special resins are used to address industry needs in special temperature ranges, or special environments. Wonder Pole® products can include polyesters, vinyl esters, epoxies, phenolics, urethanes and blends.
  • Composite Design & Reinforcements: The selection of the resin mix, the type and form of reinforcements, and the placement of reinforcements within the composite are specially designed for Wonder Poles®.

High Pole 621Pro by Wonder Pole® closes to 59″ and telescopes to 21′ or anywhere in-between – Fiberglass construction – Made In The USA!

We do not use quick release clamps due to the inherent danger of sudden drop if the lever is “hit” into the up position.
Strong, reliable high pole for the escort vehicle trade. Don’t be fooled, if the label does not say Wonder Pole®, it is not guaranteed to be the best.
We have been making Wonder Poles® for 20 years!

High poles by Wonder Pole is the best pilot car high pole on the market today. The “Sure Grip” handles open and close the pole with just a twist of the wrist. Extend the pole to any height up to 21′ instantly. The base section of the high pole is 2″ outside diameter. With the protective sleeve it measures 2.18 inches outside diameter.

Wonder Pole® structural fiberglass poles are corrosion resistant to a broad range of chemicals. Wonder Pole® will last indefinitely with little or no maintenance. The applications can be in environments where water (either salt water or fresh water) is present, such as water and sewage plants and coastal areas, or where corrosive chemical solutions and or vapors are present like in coal preparation plants and chemical plants, mining, etc. Wonder Pole® products will endure a long life with very little maintenance.

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Simply the best pilot car high pole made in the USA.